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Reparation af brudt frontglas, skærmproblemer, opladningsproblem, batteriproblemer
kameraproblemer, vandskadede og softwareproblemer og alle andre

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In order to determine which repair solution is bestfor you.
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iPad 10.9" 10th Gen (A2696, A2757)
iPad 10.2" 9th Gen 2021 (A2602, A2604)
iPad 10.2" 8th Gen 2020 A2428, A2429, A2270)
iPad 10.2" 7th Gen (A2197, A2200, A2198)
iPad 9.7 6th Generation
iPad 5th Generation
iPad Pro 9.7 Gen
iPad Pro 10.5 Gen
iPad Pro 11 1st Gen
iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen
iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen
iPad Pro 11 4th Gen
iPad Pro 12.9 1st Gen
iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen
iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen
iPad Pro 12.9 4th Gen
iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen

Most common iPad repairs

Each repair we start with diagnostics to localise
source of faults and apply correct solution.

Water Damage Repair

We have a high success rate of repairing liquid damaged iPhone and we deal with all phone brands but there is no promise for repair. Pay only if it works !

Broken Screen Repair

iphone with broken front glass, touchscreen problems, vertical lines on the screen or nothing on the screen repaired within 2 hours.

Charging Port Repair

We will diagnose the problem with your iPhone charging port and replace it if faulty. The repair usually takes 1 hour.

Camera and Lens Repair

Broken camera lens or autofocus issues with your iPhone’s back camera, repair usually takes less than 1 hour.

Back Panel Replacement

Bend frame, side buttons not working or just too many scratches will be remove when we remove the back panel frame. Please tell us the color of your iphone.

Battery Replacement

If your iphone is powering on but does not hold a charge for too long, you may need a new battery. The repair takes 30 minutes and requires booking. Prices start from £39.

How to find model name of your iPad ?

Check the model of your iPad tablet by the model number at the back of your teblet or in the settings. It should look like: iPad simillar. You can also identify it by the IMEI number. Dial on the keypad: *#06#. If you cannot access your teblet, you can find the model number / IMEI on the original box or receipt. Below link will take you to the website where you can enter the IMEI and you will see the name and model of your tablet.

We test your iPad tablet after the repair

To repair your phone, we need to disassemble it, replace the faulty part and assemble it back. This is complicated process and to make sure everything is working fine, we need to test it. You can test it by yourself while you are in our store but if the repair takes more time or if you send it for repair, we need your passcode, pattern lock or password. We won’t be able to test it without it. Your data stay untouched for the whole process of testing and we don’t change any software settings.

Fixfactor is iPad repair specialist

Our company repairs iPads with broken LCD screens, cracked front glass, battery problems, charging issues, water damage or iPads that don’t power at all.We repair all iPad models using best quality available replacement parts. We don’t delete your personal files. Expect perfect results of the repair.

Model names of the iPad Pro 12.9 are A1876 or A1895. You should be able to find the model name at the back of your iPad, printed small at the bottom. Alternatively you can check the model of your iPad with the serial number by typing it on the website

Select the iPad Pro 12.9 repair type. Choose the way how you want to get it repaired – by courier or while you wait in our store. If you cannot find required iPad repair service, let us know.

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